Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for Amelia 

I, the participant, understand that:

I am responsible for my own personal safety during this session or course. I will not hold Julia Alderman nor any of the other participants (if in a group) responsible for any act that is or may be detrimental to my person or health in whatever way.

I am participating in these sessions on the basis that I am responsible for my own wellbeing.

I understand that Julia does not diagnose or claim to treat medical conditions. This session or course is not a substitute for professional medical advice and / or treatment. 

I hereby disclose (in an e-mail to hello@bodytemenos.com) any relevant information concerning my physical/emotional/mental health. Please include full details of all medication that you currently receive, full details of any psychiatric care that you receive or have ever received, full details of any medical conditions that may be aggravated due to physical work or psychological stress. If in ANY doubt, please detail in full.

All of the content and resources shared in sessions are intended for my personal use and I acknowledge that they are not to be shared with anyone outside the session or course.

I understand that there are no cancellations within 24 hours of my scheduled session or course. If I cancel within 24 hours, I will be charged the full amount of the session or course. 

I understand that Julia reserves the right to refuse participation of anyone who she deems the practice is unsafe or unsuitable for, or if I do not comply with the above. 

By choosing to book this session or course I am agreeing to all of the above points. 

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